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The Online Advertising Playbook
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Praise for The Online Advertising Playbook 'Finally, someone has documented all we know about onlineadvertising and how to do it right. As much as this confirms thatonline advertising really works, we know that marketers don'talways get it right. The ARF's The Online Advertising Playbookprovides critical insight on what sticks and what doesn't in onlineadvertising and marketing.' --Greg Stuart, CEO and President, Interactive AdvertisingBureau and coauthor of What Sticks 'The Online Advertising Playbook's principles, casestudies, and strategic insights equip marketers with the bestknowledge available. It will help your online advertising achievethe full range of marketing objectives, from lead generation andcustomer acquisition to driving trial and loyalty.' --Tim Kopp, Vice President, Global Interactive Marketing, TheCoca-Cola Company 'To grow interactive marketing from here we need toinstitutionalize our wisdom and experience about what works. Thisbook explains, in a disciplined way, what marketers have learnedfrom a decade of massive change.' --Ted McConnell, Interactive Innovation Director, Procter& Gamble 'The Online Advertising Playbook is a milestone in thematuration of interactive advertising, but also an invaluable go-toguide for managers trying to make smart decisions with theiradvertising budgets.' --Van Riley, Vice President of Research, AOL 'The best marketing communication is spawned from what I call'informed intuition.' After reading The Online AdvertisingPlaybook, I am far better informed on how to optimize theonline channel in our advertising and promotional programs. It's aperfect blend of case studies and research-backed learning.' --Rod DeVar, Manager, Advertising and Promotion, United StatesPostal Service 'Savvy marketers should take advantage of The OnlineAdvertising Playbook's findings and principles to get realresults.' --Chris Theodoros, Director of Industry Relations, Google 'A work of wisdom and rigor in the digital space that is asrelevant for the newbie as it is for the digerati.' --Mike Donahue, Executive Vice President, American Associationof Advertising Agencies 'This is a must-read for any marketing executive involved inonline advertising. It's high time that a book looks at onlineadvertising in the context of an integrative promotional strategy,one meant to set objectives, establish creative strategies, andmeasure results. The book nicely ties the various components ofonline advertising to relevant case studies, and the emphasis onmeasurement and results is refreshing. Not only is it relevant formarketing executives, it would also be a good basic text for anyInternet advertising course and a good adjunct to any Internetmarketing course.' --Henry Assael, Professor of Marketing, Stern School ofBusiness, New York University

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