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Entrepreneur and Small Business Problem Solver
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A new, revised edition of the classic guide forentrepreneurs For more than a decade, The Entrepreneur and SmallBusiness Problem Solver has been the go-to resource forbudding entrepreneurs and small business owners alike. Now in itsThird Edition, this classic has been revised and updated to meetthe needs of the modern reader in today's fast-paced businessenvironment. Covering everything from getting a start-up loan tointroducing a new product, this comprehensive guide shows you howto deal with the common problems every small business faces-withouthiring expensive outside help. This handy guide is packed with the kind of essential,down-to-earth advice everyone running a small businessneeds-whether you need help with your business plan or collecting asmall debt. This new Third Edition features new information on taxlaw changes, technological advances, and changes in governmentservices, and includes an entirely new chapter on Internetmarketing and e-commerce. Focused on practicality, the book alsofeatures downloadable, chapter-ending worksheets that will help youretain what you learned and implement it correctly. A truly uniquesource for sound business guidance, The Entrepreneur andSmall Business Problem Solver, Third Edition is aninvaluable reference that every business owner needs. Inside, you'll find world-class guidance on these topics andmore: * How and where to find start-up capital * Insuring your business * Extending credit and collecting debts * Financial record-keeping * Carrying out marketing research * Pricing products and services * Marketing and advertising your business * Doing business and marketing online * Recruiting and managing employees * Protecting your business and avoiding rip-offs

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