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The E-Code
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Use e-mail to boost your income-today! The E-Code brings together the combined wisdom of 33 Internetmarketing superstars to reveal how they make money online-usingnothing but the power of e-mail. Each succinct chapter presents onemoneymaking strategy or concept and offers step-by-step guidance onimplementing it for maximum profits. If you have a product or service to sell, the Internet gurus inthis book will show you how to sell it-no matter what it is. Andeven if you don't have your own original product idea, don't worry.Inside you'll find a wealth of quick and effective ideas forcreating something that other people will definitely pay for. Usingtactics like viral product marketing and online auctions, anyonecan make extra money online-and you can too. This is not aget-rich-quick scheme; it's a make-money-quick scheme. It could bea little, or it could be a lot, but you will definitely profit whenyou learn how to: * Develop and sell a product online * Target your customers * Promote your product * Market to niche audiences * Create an e-marketing business plan Plus, entrepreneurs and small business owners will learn how toimprove their sales through simple, proven e-marketing tactics thatreally work. The Internet is a powerful resource for marketing,selling, and communicating anything. So tap into it! Written by acast of Internet all-stars and marketing powerhouses, The E-Code isa simple, easy-to-use guide to making money online, right now.

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